Diminishing Deductible

Your deductible will be reduced 25% for each consecutive year you are claim free! This terrific reward for staying claim free continues until your deductible is completely eliminated.

Glass Claims

RV glass claims can exceed $2,500 on certain RV’s. We can now offer $100 deductible coverage on glass replacement and no deductible for chip repair, regardless of your policy’s comprehensive deductible.

Companion Auto and Other Policies

Coverage is also available for your auto(s), boat(s), cycle(s), ATV(s) and snowmobile(s). Multi-policy discounts will save you money on all policies.

Awnings Replacement

Should your awning require replacement from a covered loss, no depreciation will be deducted.

Adjacent Structures

Insurance for up to $2,000 value on qualified adjacent structures such as sheds, decks, sunrooms, etc.

Extended Utility Trailers

Coverage for your utility trailer or tow dolly may be automatically included up to $2,500 with the option to purchase additional coverage for more expensive trailers.