RV Physical Damage Options

  • Total Loss Replacement coverage will reimburse your purchase of a new RV, of like quality and kind, should your RV be damaged beyond repair due to a covered loss, which occurs within the first five model years of your policy.
  • Purchase Price Guarantee Reimburses your original purchase price in the event you experience a covered total loss and choose to replace your RV.
  • Agreed Value Coverage allows you to insure an eligible RV at an “agreed amount” based on a qualified appraisal. If you own a “classic” motor home or towable RV, or have invested in custom improvements to your RV, don’t wait until you have a total loss to find out how much your insurance is willing to pay.


Emergency Expense Allowance will pay up to defined limits for your hotel stays or your travel home when you are over 50 miles from home or storage location, and your RV is damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss.


Full Time Coverage is available if you live in or travel in your RV full time and you may lack the personal liability protection normally provided in a homeowner’s policy. Don’t be left financially exposed to certain third party claims not covered by your vehicle insurance. Vacation (Campsite) Liability protects you up to your policy limits for your legal liability resulting from lawsuits if you are negligent while using your RV as temporary living quarters.

Sign & Drive* Towing and Roadside Assistance

Means you don’t have to rely on the meager $100 towing coverage in automobile policies. Consider being surprised with a $2,000 towing bill. Our coverage pays the “reasonable” expense of towing your RV to the nearest qualified RV repair facility. RV Roadside Assistance For Your RV is available 24/7/365, toll free; you can even opt to cover all the automobiles in your household with certain companies.

*SIGN & DRIVE” means you incur no out of pocket expense, just sign receipt and you’re back on the road.


Personal Effects Replacement Coverage allows you to travel with the security of knowing your personal effects (clothing, dishes, etc.) are insured for replacement cost in the event of a covered loss. Full Timers Stored Belongings can now be insured for values up to $99,000 while stored in an acceptable commercial facility (available only with Full Timer Liability Coverage).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Coverages, availability and discounts are subject to the underwriting rules, and specific policy terms, conditions and exclusions of each insurance company and may vary by state. Ask your agent for details.