RV Insurance Solutions


Fast Comparison and Quoting

Diversified represents the four major specialty companies writing RV insurance. Our automated rating systems and liberal in-house underwriting authority allows us to compare carriers and provide licensed dealership personnel, or customers, with fast detailed quotations. Upon acceptance we fax or e-mail binder and ID cards within minutes.

Compensation Program

Get licensed! You increase your dealership professionalism and receive commissions for as long as your customer's policy renews. With continued new business our renewal retentions approaching 90%, commissions really grow over the years. If you're just not ready to make a licensing commitment yet, ask for information about our referral compensation plan.

Valued Professional Service

RV insurance is rarely a choice for your customer. Providing customer access to personalized coverage, with all the specialized RV enhancements, is a valued professional service you can't afford to be without.

Program Highlights

  • Nationwide quoting other than HI, MA, and NY
  • Business use and / or ownership coverage is offered on an individually underwritten basis
  • Understandable coverage definitions provided to aid customer coverage election
  • Marketing brochures and promotional literature available to increase sales
  • We provide fast quoting and put coverage into effect within minutes of acceptance
  • Licensed and unlicensed compensation plans create incentive and reward personnel